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Lizard peninsula species hunt


Ton and Ruud returned from Cornwall UK yesterday. They went on a five day species hunt to the Lizard Peninsula, in the vicinity of Falmouth. They were guided by local angling expert Andy Howell of Specialized Charters. Andy arranges tailor made fishing trips for small parties of two anglers maximum aboard of his fishing boat ``Obsession``.

He`s also the skipper of ``Anglo Dawn``, a Falmouth based charted boat that can carry up to 10 passengers and 2 crew.

Boat fishing.

Andy wrote reports of the boat fishing trips on his facebook page.

Monday`s report. Ton tries to catch his first ever Small eyed ray.

Tuesday was canceled, due to weather

Wednesday`s report. Ton an Ruud go for blue shark and ling.

Thursday`s report. Red band and smoothhound. Smoothhound are quite rare in this area, but they have been seen in Falmouth bay by local fishermen recently, so they give it a try.

Friday. Ton does another attempt for smoothhound, while Ruud goes after Red Gurnard. After a few hours, the wind forces them inshore where they fish for bream.

Shore fishing

Lizard has hundreds if not thousands of shore fishing marks. It`s impossible to visit them all in just a week`s time. Here`s a few interesting spots:

1. Custom house quay - Falmouth

Gobies, wrasse, tompot blennies, bullheads. Local`s say that the leopard spotted goby is also caught there, but mainly in the winter months.

2. Prince of wales pier - Falmouth

Gobies, Wrasse.

3. Green bank hotel - Falmouth


4. Mylor marina jetty - Mylor

Smelt, Dragonet, Gobies, wrasse. Lot`s of crab, so be patient. You will catch 5 crabs for every fish.


Our Dutch specieshunters caught 28 species of fish at Lizard Peninsula:

01. Launce
02. Mackerel
03. Dogfish
04. Bullhuss
05. Spotted ray
06. Small eyed ray
07. Dab
08. Ling
09. Blue shark
10. Haddock
11. Whiting
12. Red band fish
13. Grey gurnard
14. Red Gurnard
15. Black bream
16. Couch`s sea bream
17. Smelt
18. Dragonet
19. Black goby
20. Rock goby
21. Goldsinny wrasse
22. Corkwing wrasse
23. Ballan wrass
24. Tompot blenny
25. Shanny
26. Bullhead
27. Cuckoo wrasse
28. Conger eel
replies (1)
26-06-2017 16:54:40
Bert Timmerman says : Hi,
These are links to very nice reports and good information on marks for future species hunting ... tempting ;-)
Tight lines,
Bert Timmerman

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